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Curriculum VItae

  • B.F.A. in Experimental Animation (2011)- The California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California.
  • M.F.A. in Animation (2016)- The University of Edinburgh: Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland.
    • Thesis: “The Uses and Functionality of Animation in Documentary Filmmaking.” Supervisor: Nichola Dobson
Academic Achievements
  • California State Arts Scholar awarded in Film an Video Production (2005)

  • California State Arts Scholar & Governors Medallion awarded in Animation (2006)

  • CalArts Merit Scholarship awarded four times. (2008-2011)
  • Animator: Blake Shelton’s Not So Family Christmas. Sept. 2012. NBC.
  • Animation Department: Robot Chicken: DC Special. Jan.- Sept. 2012. Cartoon Network
  • Lead Fabricator/ Wardrobe Department: A Very Pentatonix's Christmas. Nov. 2017. NBC.
  • Animator: Robot Chicken Season 10. April- Sept. 2019. Cartoon Network.
  • Animator: Crossing Swords Season 1. April- Sept. 2019. Hulu.
  • Animator: Robot Chicken Season 11. May 2021- July 2021. Cartoon Network. 
  • Animator: Santa Inc. July 2021- September 2021. HBO. 
Feature Films
  • Assistant to the Producers: Grey Skies. May- Dec. 2010. Dir. Kai Blackwood. (Sci-Fi)
  • Art Department Coordinator: Taco Shop. May- Aug. 2011. Dir. Joaquin Perea. (Comedy)
  • Art Swing: Battlefield America. Aug.- Sept. 2011. Dir. Chris Stokes. (Drama)

  • Production Assistant: Hell and Back. July 2011- Feb. 2012. Dir. Ross Shuman. (Animation)

  • Animator: The Goddess Project. Sept 2015. Dir. Sarah Landas. (Documentary)
  • Animator: The Truth About Marriage. 2019. Dir. Roger Nygard. (Documentary) 
  • Guest Animator: The Seed in the Sand. 2020. Dir. Christiane Cegavske. (Animation)
Music Videos
  • Art Director: Demon Desire- Roey Rider. July 2010. Dir. Roey Rider. 
  • Animator & Fabricator: Aberdeen- Cage the Elephant. August 2011 Dir. Isaac Rentz.
  • Animator: End to the Lies- Janes Addiction. April 2011. Dir. Todd Newman.
  • Lead Set Dresser: After Midnight- Blink-182. November 2011. Dir. Isaac Rentz.
  • Animation Assistant: Miss the Misery- The Foo Fighters. February 2012. Dir. Pete Levin.
  • Production Designer: Monkey See Monkey Do- Tommy Trash. March 2013. Dir. Phil Hodges.
  • Production Designer: Monkey in Love- Tommy Trash. June 2013. Dir. Phil Hodges.
  • Animation Director: Over the Moon- The Marias. September 2018. Dir. Darren Dai. 
  • Animation Director: Plastic Moon- Nick Leng ft. Chester Watson. February 2020. Dir. Darren Dai. 
  • Animation Director: Options- Earthgang ft. Wale. December 2020. Dir. Zack Sekular.
  • Animator: Purex Toilet Paper (New Zealand). June 2011. Dir. Jared Eberhardt.
  • Lead Animator: Whole Foods Market Valentines. January 2012. Dir. Caroline Park.

  • Lead Animator: Crossover Festival (France). June 2013. Dir. Jean-Baptiste Raimondi.
  • Animator: Ziplock Craft Chaos. July 2016. Dir. Musa Brooker.
  • Animator: Lizzo's Watch Our for the Big Grrrls. May 2022. Dir. Vick Trochez.
  • Director: The Rabbit Hole Promotional Series. June 2023- Present. 
Independent Projects
  • Costumer: Thumb Snatchers from the Moon Cocoon. Feb. 2011. Dir. Brad Schaffer. (Short Film)
  • Set Painter: Save the Supers. May 2012. Dir. Sandeep Parikh. (Web Series)
  • Track Reader and Facial Animation: Tarantula. June 2012. Dir. Carson Mell. (Web Series)
  • Animator: Organic Learning: Animal Sounds. May 2013. Dir. Damon Car (Web Series)
  • Puppet Assistant: El Coyote. April 2014. Dir. Javier Barboza. (Documentary)
  • Animation Director: The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibit. (UK) Feb. 2015. Dir. Kim Stirk. (Documentary)
  • Animator: Gnome. (UK) April 2015. Dir. Benjamin Cresswell. (Short Film)
  • Animation Director: Pirbright Institute- Foot-and-mouth Disease Virus. (UK) Sept. 2016. Dir. Teresa Maughan.
  • Animation Director: Pirbright Institute- Crispr. (UK) May 2018. Dir. Teresa Maughan.
  • Animation Director: Pirbright Institute- African Swine Flu. (UK) June 2018. Dir. Teresa Maughan.
  • Stop Motion Animator & Fabricator: The Other and the Otherwise. January 2019. Dir. Trulee Hall. Maccarone Gallery. (Installation) 
  • Stop Motion Animator & Fabricator: Infestation. February 2019. Dir. Trulee Hall. Frieze Los Angeles. (Installation) 
  • Stop Motion Animator: The Forbidden Zone. December 2020. Dir. Zach Tolchinsky. (Short Film)
Arts Education Experience
  • Animation Instructor. The Community Arts Partnership.
 Los Angeles, CA. September 2008- July 2011
  • Lead Animation Instructor. Red Kite Animation.
 Edinburgh, Scotland. December 2014- July 2016
  • Animation Instructor. The California State Summer School for the Arts.
 Valencia, California. July 2011- July 2018
  • Special Instructor. Dartmouth College.
 Hanover, New Hampshire. September 2016- December 2018
  • Assistant Professor of Animation. Kansas City Art Institute. Kansas City, Missouri. September 2019- Present
  • Animation Instructor. Pre College Art Lab. Kansas City Art Institute. Kansas City, Missouri. July 2021
  • Animation Instructor. Calibraska Arts Initiative. Scottsbluff, Nebraska. July 2022
Guest Lecturer
  • Animation and Media Production. University of San Francisco. April 2014
  • Techniques used in Animated Zoetropes. Edinburgh Art Society. May 2016
  • Stop Motion Animation. Lesley University. October 2018
  • Stop Motion Animation. Montserrat College of Art. November 2019
  • Direct Filmmaking Techniques on 16mm. University of San Francisco. February 2020
  • Stop Motion Animation. Montserrat College of Art. April 2020
  • Stop Motion Animation. Drexel University. December 2020
  • Story Boarding for Film. University of Washington. April 2020
  • Animation Industry. DeMontfort University. October 2022
  • Animation Industry. Western Kentucky University. December 2022
  • Guest Lecturer. University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Winston-Salem, NC. September 2023- Present.
Notable Achievements

Lizzo's Big Girls | Womxn's History Month Video

  • ‘23 Webby Winner Social: Arts & Entertainment 

  • ’23 People's Voice Winner Social: Arts & Entertainment

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